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Welcome to Plug-N-Meet documentation. plugNmeet is an open-source WebRTC conferencing solution. It is a ready-to-use, rich-featured, scalable, high-performance and self-hosted web conferencing solution. Every website can have a secure, end-to-end real-time HD audio/video conferencing system in a few minutes.

Main Features

  1. Audio call
  2. HD video call with virtual background & Screen Sharing
  3. Whiteboard
  4. Online Notepad
  5. MP4/Webm Recording
  6. Raise Hand
  7. Co-playing Video
  8. Breakout Room
  9. Public/Private Chat
  10. Waiting Room
  11. Poll
  12. Various user's lock settings
  13. External content sharing(iframe)
  14. Live Steaming via RTMP & RTMP ingress
  15. Live speech to text/translation (Powered by microsoft azure)
  16. End-to-End encryption (E2EE) (Supported browsers: browser based on Chromium 83, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox 117+).
  17. A detailed analytics report to assess user' performance in the online session.


Live demo site:

Demo API Info:

plugNmeet server URL:
plugNmeet API KEY: plugnmeet
plugNmeet API SECRET: zumyyYWqv7KR2kUqvYdq4z4sXg7XTBD2ljT6

plugNmeet Cloud

plugNmeet Cloud is a ready to use hosting solution. You won't have to worry about server setup or maintenance. We offer a scalable cloud-based solution with a 99.99% SLA. You can start with free package & can upgrade when necessary. Checkout plugNmeet cloud solution.

SDKs & Tools


You can use following ready to use SDKs:


The following are ready-to-use extensions/plugins that can be used to quickly integrate Plug-N-Meet with your website.