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WebRTC based Scalable, High Performance, Open source web conferencing that is simple to use and customizable.

Every website can quickly implement a self-hosted WebRTC conferencing system.

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Core Features


Simple to install and quickly integrate with any existing website, apps, and software. Your privacy is in your hands with a self-hosted WebRTC solution.


You can personalize everything, from URLs to logos and branding colors, as well as features with ease.


It supports all the functions of a video call, including High-Definition Audio/Video/Screen Sharing; Virtual background; file-sharing, and MP4 Recordings.


Extended Functions, RTMP Broadcasting, which can enable users to broadcast their meetings to YouTube, Facebook, or any other third-party RTMP-supported live streaming platform.


Collaboration was made easy with the use of a shared notepad and whiteboard for real-time collaboration.

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WebRTC-based, secured, and encrypted communication can make your online meeting private and safe at the top level.


Compatible with all devices. For browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox are recommended. For iOS, Safari is recommended.


Simulcast and Dynacast features will allow you to continue online conferencing even if your internet connection is slow!



Scalable and high-performance system written in the Go programming language which made it possible to distribute as a single binary file!