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Setting up for development


You'll require following software installed in your PC:

  1. Docker
  2. NodeJS
  3. Git (Desktop or cli)
  4. FFMPEG (Optional)


Open your terminal & run following commands:

mkdir plugNmeet
cd plugNmeet

# clone server
git clone server

# clone client
git clone client

# clone recorder
git clone recorder


To start server run following command:

# for first time
cd server
cp config_sample.yaml config.yaml
cp livekit_sample.yaml livekit.yaml
cp docker-compose_sample.yaml docker-compose.yaml

# to start server
docker-compose up --build

# after every time
docker-compose up


Open another tab from your terminal & run:

# navigate to client directory that you created above
cd client
cp src/assets/config_sample.js src/assets/config.js
npm install

# start client
npm start

When the npm will complete to start up, you will be able to access client from: http://localhost:3000/login.html


Open another tab from your terminal & run:

# navigate to recorder directory that you created above
cd recorder
cp config_sample.yaml config.yaml
npm install

# start recorder
npm run dev

Now the recorder should be ready for getting signal from plugNmeet-server.


  1. I can't enter to the server showing response error

    Open docker-compose.yaml file. Under livekit section:

--config "/app/livekit.yaml" --dev

add your device's IP address:

--config "/app/livekit.yaml" --dev --node-ip YOUR_IP_HERE

Now start the server again.