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Join room

End point: /room/getJoinToken

Request parameters

room_idstringYesRoom Id that you created before to join.

User info

namestringYesUser full name
user_idstringYesUser unique ID. Should be unquie for every user.
is_adminbooleanYesIf true then user will be treated as an admin for this room.
is_hiddenbooleanNoIf true then user will be invisible in the room.

User metadata

profile_picstringNoProfile avatar
preferred_langstringNoYou can set a preferred language to force the plugNmeet-client to use it. Please see the list of values here. Example: es-ES, bn-BD, de-DE etc
lock_settingsobjectNoLock settings


"room_id": "room01",
"user_info": {
"name": "Your name",
"user_id": "Your-Unique-User-Id",
"is_admin": true,
"is_hidden": false,
"user_metadata": {
"profile_pic": "https://profile.pic/im.jpg",
"lock_settings": {
"lock_microphone": false,
"lock_webcam": false,
"lock_screen_sharing": true,
"lock_chat": false,
"lock_chat_send_message": false,
"lock_chat_file_share": false


statusbooleanrootThe status of the request
msgstringrootResponse message
tokenstringrootJoin token

When you'll receive token during that time you can pass that token to plugNmeet-client by GET/search value of access_token or cookie name pnm_access_token. If you've setup it with plugNmeet-server then:<TOKEN HERE>

If you are using plugNmeet-client build static files in somewhere else then you'll require to pass token like that too. For example you've uploaded build static files inside conference directory. In this case:<TOKEN HERE>

Note: You may alternatively use the getClientFiles API call to get all of the CSS and JS files needed to display the interface manually. This way, you can embed the plugNmeet-client anywhere without worrying about static build files.

Custom design

It's possible to add extra query parameter custom_design with the join link. This way you can use seperate design for indivisual user. The value of custom_design will need to be url encoded json value. You can view supported parameters from design-parameters. Example:<TOKEN HERE>&custom_design=%7B%22primary_color%22%3A%22%23004D90%22%2C%22secondary_color%22%3A%22%2324AEF7%22%7D