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Create room

End point: /room/create

Request parameters

room_idstringYesRoom Id should be unique for every room/session/meeting
max_participantsnumberNoLimit number of participants that can be join in this room.
empty_timeoutnumberNoNumber of seconds to keep the room open if no one joins


room_titlestringYesTitle of the room/meeting
welcome_messagestringNoIf you want to show some message at start up.
webhook_urlstringNoYou can put webhook URL in where plugNmeet will send post request based on various events.
logout_urlstringNoYou can put logout URL in where plugNmeet will redirect the users after meeting/session ended.
room_featuresstringYesVarious room features.
default_lock_settingsstringNoDefault lock settings

Room Features

allow_webcamsbooleanYesIf you want to enable webcam support.
mute_on_startbooleanYesIf you want to mute microphone automatically after share.
allow_screen_sharebooleanYesEnable or disable screen share for the meeting.
allow_rtmpbooleanYesEnable or disable RTMP for the meeting.
admin_only_webcamsbooleanYesIf you want to allow webcams only for admin
allow_view_other_webcamsbooleanYesIf you want to disable to display other users camera except moderator.
allow_view_other_users_listbooleanYesIf you want to disable to display users list except moderator.
room_durationnumberNoIf you want to set fixed room duration. Value should be in minutes. 1 hour = 60 minutes. 0 = unlimited
recording_featuresstringYesRecording Settings
chat_featuresstringYesChat Settings
shared_note_pad_featuresstringYesShared note pad settings
whiteboard_featuresstringYesWhiteboard settings
external_media_player_featuresstringYesExternal media player settings
waiting_room_featuresstringYesWaiting room settings
breakout_room_featuresstringYesBreakout room settings
display_external_link_featuresstringYesDisplay external link settings

Recording features

is_allowbooleanYesEnable or disable recording feature for the meeting.
is_allow_cloudbooleanYesEnable or disable cloud recording option
is_allow_localbooleanYesEnable or disable local recording option
enable_auto_cloud_recordingbooleanNoIf enable then recording will be starting as soon as moderator/admin join the session

Chat features

allow_chatbooleanYesEnable or disable chat for the meeting.
allow_file_uploadbooleanYesEnable or disable file upload in chat for the meeting.

Shared note pad features

allowed_shared_note_padbooleanYesEnable or disable shared notepad for the meeting.

Whiteboard features

allowed_whiteboardbooleanYesEnable or disable whiteboard for the meeting.

External media player features

allowed_external_media_playerbooleanYesEnable or disable to allow to play video/audio from external source. Moderator can upload local video/audio too.

Waiting room features

is_activebooleanYesEnable if you want to activate wating room feature. User will be in waiting room until moderator allow to join.

Breakout room features

is_activebooleanYesEnable or disable breakout room features.
allowed_number_roomsnumberNoNumber of breakout rooms allowed to create at a same time. Default: 6
is_activebooleanYesEnable or disable to allow to display external links inside a iframe. This feature is helpful if your session to require to display other website, quiz, games etc. The website must be allow to load inside an iframe. Moderator can pass various values like name, userId, role, meetingId etc.

Default lock settings

lock_microphonebooleanNOLock microphone for users.
lock_webcambooleanNOLock webcam for users.
lock_screen_sharingbooleanNOLock screen share for users.
lock_chatbooleanNOLock chat for users.
lock_chat_send_messagebooleanNOLock send message for users.
lock_chat_file_sharebooleanNOLock send file for users.


"room_id": "room01",
"metadata": {
"room_title": "Test room",
"welcome_message": "Welcome to room",
"room_features": {
"allow_webcams": true,
"mute_on_start": false,
"allow_screen_share": true,
"allow_rtmp": true,
"admin_only_webcams": false,
"allow_view_other_webcams": true,
"allow_view_other_users_list": true,
"allow_polls": true,
"room_duration": 0,
"recording_features": {
"is_allow": true,
"is_allow_cloud": true,
"is_allow_local": true,
"enable_auto_cloud_recording": false
"chat_features": {
"allow_chat": true,
"allow_file_upload": true
"shared_note_pad_features": {
"allowed_shared_note_pad": true
"whiteboard_features": {
"allowed_whiteboard": true
"external_media_player_features": {
"allowed_external_media_player": true
"waiting_room_features": {
"is_active": false
"breakout_room_features": {
"is_allow": true,
"allowed_number_rooms": 2
"display_external_link_features": {
"is_allow": true
"default_lock_settings": {
"lock_microphone": false,
"lock_webcam": false,
"lock_screen_sharing": true,
"lock_whiteboard": true,
"lock_shared_notepad": true,
"lock_chat": false,
"lock_chat_send_message": false,
"lock_chat_file_share": false,
"lock_private_chat": false


statusbooleanThe status of the request
msgstringResponse message

Room Info

sidstringRoom sid
namestringRoom Id
max_participantsnumberMaximum participants for this room
empty_timeoutnumberMaximum duration before closing empty room
creation_timenumberRoom creation time in unix time format
turn_passwordstringTurn password
enabled_codecsArrayVideo codecs for this room
metadatastringRoom metadata